Released on August 1st, 2015
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Track Listing:
1. The New Year
2. Josephine
3. Brick
4. Letters

5. Pretty Good
6. A Different Kind of Blue
7. Wake Up
8. Good, Good Neighbor Blues
9. Don't You Worry
10. Black & White Wonderful
11. Love Moves to That Place Again
12. Interstate Jesus

On all tracks:
Tim Vitullo - Guitars & Vocals
Chris Skelly - Double Bass & Bass Guitar
Brent McConnell - Drums & Percussion
Ryan Mocniak - Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Rich Pantaleo - Trumpet, Soprano Trombone, & Keys
Collin Binko - Baritone Saxophone
Natalie Hatcher - Vocals
Steven Foxbury - Vocals

All songs © 2015 Tim Vitullo except Tracks 3 & 5
"Brick" written by Johnnie Morrisette
"Pretty Good" written by John Prine
Produced, Engineered, & Mixed by Steven Foxbury
Recorded at Yellow Couch Studio
Mastered by Michael Maurice at Curio Sound
Cover art by Alex Hunter
Cover photos by Rich Pantaleo

This Is the thing!

Released on April 11th, 2012
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Track Listing:
1. Cold Coffee
2. Too Flat for Five
3. Bossa Nueva
4. Minor Incident
5. Plus Two Leslie

On all tracks:
Tim Vitullo - Guitars
Sam Heppelmann - Double Bass & Bass Guitar
Jon May - Drums & Percussion
Nick Rudenko - Tenor Saxophone
Erek Kapusta - Piano & Keys

All songs © 2012 Tim Vitullo
Produced by Tim Vitullo & Dr. Stephen Hopkins
Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered by Marc Frigo
Recorded at Frigo Recording Studio
Cover art by Stephen Gabauer

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