ARTISTS, entertainers abound: 53rd Central pennsylvania Festival of the Arts kicks off july 10

Tim Vitullo of the Tim Vitullo Band has been a part of the festival in recent years. His band will perform this year on the Festival Shell Stage on Friday, July 12 from 6:30 to 8pm.

Vitullo, who has shard the stage with greats like B.B. King, is thankful for the opportunity to return to the home of his alma mater. He embraces the creativity that is infused in the festival:

“Arts Fest is the ideal scenario for a songwriter and performer too. The event is a giant celebration of the wealth of beauty and creativity Pennsylvania has to offer. As a result, crowds are open minded about experiencing new art, regardless of the medium. We’re ecstatic to have another opportunity to catch the ears of so many people in our home state that are in tune with the arts.”

July 4th, 2019 (Link)

Burgh Brides: Fun Music Inspired Wedding at Mr. Smalls

One band, the Tim Vitullo Band, is travelling all the way from Pittsburgh for the festival.

“A music inspired wedding just isn’t complete without a live performance though, right? After a DJ entertained from the cocktail hour through dinner, the Tim Vitullo Band took over and played jams into the wee hours of the morning. It even looks like there was some crowd surfing by the groom! Outside the box and completely “them,” GreggFest seemed like a total blast!”

March 18, 2019 (Link)

Hudson daily tribune: Porch Fest returns to Port Austin June 23

One band, the Tim Vitullo Band, is travelling all the way from Pittsburgh for the festival.

“They’ve never played in Michigan, and they played a porch fest in Boston last year,” Hafeli said. “They enjoyed the concept so much that they decided to try and find a porch fest in Michigan, and they found us. We’re really looking forward to hearing them.”

June 19, 2018 (Link)

TRIBLIVE: Looking Forward to Summer? Here's What penn Hills Parks & rec Has Planned

July 22: A concert from 2 to 5 p.m. at Universal Park at 1 Memorial Lane will feature local bands Nameless in August and Tim Vitullo Band. There will be food trucks on-site. Those attending are encouraged to bring blankets, chairs and beverages.

May 11, 2018 (Link)

Millvale music Festival Balcony Conversations: TIM VITULLO

Tim Vitullo is the guest on this morning's balcony conversation! We discuss the Tim Vitullo Band's involvement in the festival leading into saturday, not only performing in a festival fundraiser but also being one of the fundraisers biggest advocates and attendees. Brian claims that Tim has a great voice for radio. Do you agree?

May 9, 2018 (Link)

No One Expects The Punksburgh Inquisition: TIM VITULLO

Today’s Millvale Music Festival Inquisition features Tim Vitullo, guitarist and lead singer of the Americana blues/roots rock group Tim Vitullo Band, which plays Mr. Smalls Theater at 9pm. 

April 16, 2018 (Link)


Tim Vitullo and the TVB stopped by The Saturday Light Brigade radio show to talk about their music & plans for 2018 as well as perform a few songs in studio. Use the link below to stream the entire show on demand.

March 3, 2018 (Link)

Who's Next: Music; 21 Leaders Defining the New Pittsburgh Sound

"As lead singer and guitarist of Tim Vitullo Band, he brings a blues influence the band’s debut studio LP Josephine & Assorted Train Songs.  A fan of the album calls it “the kind of album you listen to on repeat for weeks, with beautifully crafted lyrics and incredibly awe-inspiring music that makes you think, feel, dance and sing.” Songs on the album combine to create a portrait of “contemporary Americana blues” with notes of jazz, jam band, country and blues. Another fan describes him as “an extremely intelligent, motivated young musician with an old soul.""

-- Rossilynne Culgan, The Incline, October 2017 (Link)

Album Review: Tim Vitullo, Josephine & Assorted Train Songs

"Don’t think for a second however that this album is a sleepy Sunday afternoon waltz, this album navigates the musical waters of funk and soul quite masterfully. The album slides back and forth with a soulful shuffle of ebb and flow climaxing in crescendos of horns and an effectively clean guitar tone further emphasizing that Tim Vitullo not only knows how to write and produce a great song, but wants to bring an authentic sound to the table and really rock it out."

-- Taco Olmstead, The Jamwich, Issue 59 - March 2017 (Link)

Local Blues Rocker Tim Vitullo to Open for The Marcus King Band on 2/23

"Their most recent release is a twelve-track album, Josephine & Assorted Train Songs, which came out in August 2015. They’re working on new material now, but in the meantime, this record offers impressive range and appealing consistency in both subject matter and musical elements. From the fast tempo and cheery horns of “Wake Up,” to the old-school organ riffs and call-and-response vocals of the lead single “Josephine,” to a sparse, moody ballad about emotional turmoil in “A Different Kind of Blue,” Vitullo and company prove they’re not one-trick ponies. The lead vocals and guitar from Vitullo himself are lovely and skillful throughout as well."

-- Melanie Stangl, Sound Scene Express, February 2017 (Link)

Tim Vitullo Preview

"Vitullo’s 2015 album, Josephine and Assorted Train Songs, is an infectious record full of bluesy beats and guitars perfect for these cold February days where you need a little pep in your step."

-- The Cut Magazine, February 2017 (Link)

First/Last: Tim Vitullo

Tim was featured by HughShows Photography's recurring First/Last interview series in February, 2017. (Link)

An Unusual Honors Thesis- and a Fun Album

I’ve been listening to This is the Thing! on and off since early May, when Christian Brady, dean of the Schreyer Honors College, tweeted out a link to it with this introduction: “Man, I cannot tell you how much better my day just got thanks to this EP.”

So I clicked, and the music saved me during a long day of copy editing.


I’m certainly no expert, but I think the album turned out great. I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

-- Lori Shontz, The Penn Stater Magazine, July 2012 (Link)